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I got a few games over Christmas. The one I’ve been putting almost all of my time into is Far Cry 3. I loved the original Far Cry, and also kind of enjoyed Far Cry 2, although I don’t think I ever finished it due to the keyboard smashing idiocy of the AI. Far Cry 3 is a huge improvement over 2 and I’ve been having great fun, the open world is great, the visuals are stunning and the AI is no longer unstoppable-Terminator-esque. Yes there may be quite a few set pieces/button mashing, but they work well and I don’t think they detract from the gameplay.
Expect a review soon.


I also got Kerbal Space Program after playing the demo. This is a hilarious but also pretty serious space simulation. You basically build a rocket and try to launch your Kerbals into space and explore the universe. It’s the sort of game that when you first see it, you think it’ll either be boring or impossibly difficult, but then you find yourself spending days trying to get a craft into orbit around a moon, or rescuing a stranded Kerbal after you ran out of fuel.
I’ve only really scratched the surface of this game so far, and it’s still in beta, so it’s developing all the time. A mini review may come soon.


Some of the other games I got hold of are Max Payne 3 and Bioshock Infinite. I remember spending far too much time on the original Max Payne in my early days of gaming, and after having seen a few reviews praising the third installment, I decided to try it out. The same goes for Bioshock, although I never really got into the first game, and haven’t played the second at all, but after watching the ZeroPunctuation review for Infinite, I thought I’d snap it up at the steam sale price.

I’ve also got quite a few games from some of the recent humble bundles to get around to playing, but as with a lot of other PC Gamers, my steam library is full of games I’ve yet to even start, so it might take me a while to get around to all of these.