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So, Amazon seems to be hinting quite heavily that there is a port of GTA5 coming to PC.  A listing for the game popped up on the German and French sites for pre-order, but then was promptly removed from the latter, with the game staying active on the German page a bit longer.  It does now seem to have gone from the German site, although direct links will still get you to a GTA5 PC page, with no price and an email notification button.  But, will I be buying it?

I got GTA5 on release for the PS3, as it was looking like it was going to be something quite special, and having not played a GTA game on a console since San Andreas on PS2, I thought it was time to head back over there.  I spent nearly the entire first day playing, and then most of the first week, only pausing to pace myself so I didn’t complete the game too quickly and get bored.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was classic GTA, which may be the reason why I’m not sure if I’m going to bother with it on PC, it’s not different enough from the previous GTAs to make me want to buy it twice.  Sure, there’s some differences, like the three playable characters, and … erm, see what I mean, oh wait, there’s the sports, golf, which I can do, but tennis I suck at and lose every time, although GTA 4 had darts and bowling, so maybe even that’s not strictly a new feature.  With GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas and 4, I kept coming back to them, and spent hundreds of hours on them, especially VC and SA, but five hasn’t kept my interest, I completed the main story once.  Then went through again so I could do the assassination missions after the main story to get lots of money, then bought a load of properties, then sort of got bored, and I’ve not been on it for at least 2 months.  Maybe that’s where I went wrong, by acquiring tons of money, although I did that in San Andreas at the betting shop, and I still kept coming back to that.  Maybe it was the PS3 controller, which I can’t stand at all, as it just doesn’t fit in my hands properly.  Why didn’t I get it on the Xbox I hear you cry.  Well, I prefer the PS3 as a console, mainly due to the fact that it doesn’t sound like there’s a Hoover running under my TV whenever I use it.

If it had come out on the PC at launch, that would have been perfect, the right gaming system, and a choice of controllers.  I might be tempted to pick up GTA 5 on PC when it’s on sale on Steam some time, but I don’t think I’ll be getting it at launch, especially after what happened with the GTA4 PC port, although I didn’t have too much trouble running it, but it seems to have gained a reputation similar to that of Crysis.